Mentorship Program

The e.KRAAL mentorship program is a one on one career mentoring program that gives aspiring individuals an opportunity to learn directly from experienced mentors.

The program is a partnership program that matches individuals interested in cybersecurity with an industry professional (mentor) who will offer one on one sessions and assignments in their respective fields such as application security, malware analysis, network security and other cybersecurity related fields.

Aspire Timeline


Interested individuals apply to the program and the applications are sorted to find the best matches which are then forwarded to the mentors.


Qualified mentees are matched with potential mentors who assess them depending on their areas of interest to determine how they suit into the program.


Through a series of one-on-one mentoring sessions, the mentees will gain professional advice and support to enhance their cybersecurity skills, network and career advice that will prepare them for the job market.


Throughout the period, the mentees are assessed on the skills they've gained from the program. The final assessment will determine the way forward for mentees and outstanding mentees may be absorbed into our innovation hub.

Meet our Mentors

  • Ruth Juma

    Ruth Juma

    Offensive Cybersecurity Engineer

    Ruth is a seasoned Cybersecurity Engineer with over 5 years experience in the industry. She has versatile skills ranging from Web Security, Penetration Testing and Network Security Monitoring.

  • Chrispus Kamau

    Chrispus Kamau

    Offensive Cybersecurity Engineer

    Chrispus is an experienced Cybersecurity Engineer with over 5 years experience in the industry. His areas of interest include Network and Wireless Security, Mobile Security and Hardware Security. Find some of his work at

  • Gabriel Mathenge

    Gabriel Mathenge

    Offensive Cybersecurity Engineer

    Gabriel is a Cybersecurity Engineer with over 5 years experience in security consulting across various industries. His primary interests include penetration testing, red teaming and security training. Gabriel blogs at

  • Christian Kisutsa

    Christian Kisutsa

    Information Security Analyst

    Christian is a passionate Security Analyst, specializing in Digital forensics, Malware analysis, Network Security Monitoring and Mobile application penetration testing. He shares his insights from time to time on his blog at

  • Charles Muiruri

    Charles Muiruri

    Vulnerability Researcher

    Charles is a security enthusiast who is passionate about understanding the inner workings of software. He is a security researcher in the fields of reverse engineering, exploit development and vulnerability research.

  • Samuel Mwai

    Samuel Mwai

    Cybersecurity Consultant

    Sam is a well-rounded professional with over 11 years’ experience in Information Technology with a deep passion and understanding in Cyber Security. His experience spans across Telecommunications, Banking, Government as well as SMEs. He has held both junior and senior management levels.

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